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Skull Reshaping (MMA)

We can create more volume and better contour in the back or the front of the head. Some people were born with flat areas in the back of the head, the forehead, or the top of the head. This can look especially obvious with short haircuts or ponytails. Dr. Yao does a highly specialized procedure that safely adds volume and re-contours the head with a minimal incision technique. It was pioneered in South Korea, and done by very few clinics in the U.S. Patients travel from all across the U.S. to have this operations done by Dr. Yao. Traditional options for skull reshaping is very invasive. It requires making a large incision across the entire head in order to fit a large customized plastic, mesh, or metal implant. CT scans are needed to design the implants. This process is time consuming, expensive, and leaves large scars. Dr. Yao’s technique with MMA (bone cement) is personalized for every patient’s unique head shape without the problems associated with traditional methods.