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Lip Lift

As we age, looser skin makes the upper lip (philtrum) longer. This makes us look older,  and hides our teeth when we smile.

An upper lip lift shortens the upper lip, gives us more tooth show when we smile, and makes the red part of our upper lip bigger and fuller (as if you had a touch of filler).

  • More youthful lower face
  • Fuller upper lips without filler
  • More balanced facial proportions

Local anesthesia or twilight

Peak swelling happens in the first 3 days. The first few days you may feel mild pain. Most are back to work within a day or two, with residual swelling that takes a few more weeks to subside.

The incision is along the lower edge of the nose, hidden within the shadows of the nose.

People with facial aging in the middle and lower face will have a dramatic result from the change of proportions. Those with thin lips due to genetics or aging will have fuller, more youthful lips.