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Breast Augmentation
(Breast Implants)

To improve breast shape, size and balance, silicone implants are used. Research shows that female plastic surgeons tend to use differently sized and shaped implants for their patients, versus male surgeons. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Yao chooses implants that fit their goals and body shape of each patient. She uses the most current, advanced techniques to achieve superior results and safety. Each patient’s body is different, and proper planning and discussion tailored to these specific needs is important.

  • Increase breast volume and projection
  • Restore breast volume lost from aging, pregnancy or weight loss
  • Improved breast shape
    Increased cleavage if desired
  • Improved body balance
  • Improved symmetry
  • Improved appearance in clothes or bathing suits

Chest soreness from stretching of tissues for 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. While you can walk right after surgery, there is no heavy lifting or strenous exercise for 6 weeks after surgery. The implants need 6 months to 1 year to settle into their permanent location, as skin, fat and muscles must stretch to allow for space for the implants.

No. The scar is hidden in the shadow under the breast and very difficult to see, especially when fully healed.

People of all ages choose breast augmentation for a different reasons. Some have always wanted more volume and cleavage, while others have lost volume over time due to pregnancy, age or weight loss. If you have always wanted a different look and want to learn how breast augmentation is the right solution for you, please come in for a consultation.