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Rhinoplasty alters the nose so that it becomes more balanced in relation to the face. There are many options: Changing the tip to be more refined or higher, making the overall nose higher, narrowing the nose, Reducing humps, and changing the nostrils. Small changes can make a nose more feminine, masculine, or refined. It can also improve breathing for patients with a crooked nose, deviated septum, or obstructed nostrils. Dr. Yao is also experienced in Asian rhinoplasty, which is a very specialized field that requires an understanding of different nose anatomy and unique cosmetic desires. Depending on what you need, your rhinoplasty can be open or closed. Closed means only incisions in the nostrils are done. Open means there are incisions in the nostrils, and a small one across the columella (the narrowest part of skin between the nostrils.)

Tip augmentation + dorsum augmentation