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Double Eyelid

Asian Blepharoplasty

Many Asian people are born without a crease in the upper eyelid to create a fold. This can make the upper eyelids look droopy or sleepy.

Creating a crease on the upper eyelid can make the eyes appear brighter, slightly larger, and subtly rotate the eyelashes open.

Dr. Yao reviews the different crease shapes and heights that are most natural for each patient’s eye shape and skin folding pattern.

  • Create a double eyelid crease
  • Brighter eyes
  • Slightly larger appearing eyes
  • Rotate eyelashes open so they do not point into the eyes

Twilight or general anesthesia – patient’s choice. Twilight means you are breathing on your own and sleeping.

Peak swelling happens in the first 3 days. The first few days you may feel mild pain and will have minor sight impariments due to routine swelling.  Most are back to work at 1 week, with residual swelling and bruising that takes several more weeks to subside. Avoid strenuous exercise for 6 weeks. Final results are 6 to 12 months after surgery.

If the stitch method (minimally invasive method) is chosen, each incision is only 1mm along the new crease and the scar is nearly undetectable. If an open method is chosen, the incision is along the entire length of the new crease. For both methods, the new crease hides the incision very well, as the incision is in the shadow of the eyelid at all times.

If you have a monolid and would like a brighter, more refined look, this operation is right for you.

The best way to determine if you’re a good candidate for surgery is to schedule a consultation.