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Dr. Caroline Yao

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yao is a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, CA who specializes in personalized, high-quality, safe patient care. She has been an artist her entire life, and focuses on the finesse of each procedure. Her natural eye for beauty and balance guides her to help patients achieve the best results possible.

As a female plastic surgeon, she is sensitive to the needs of women who want to appear natural and rejuvenated.


Ivy League Educated

High School: Philips Academy, Andover
Undergraduate: Princeton University
Medical School: Columbia University
Residency: University of Southern California
Fellowship: Harvard University, Boston Children’s Hospital

Board Certified

American Board of Plastic Surgery

The American Board of Plastic Surgery certifies only surgeons who completed an accredited residency program in the United States, passed a series of rigorous written and oral exams, and had a collection of their actual operations and patients assessed. Board certification is the “gold-standard” of certification for safe, knowledgeable and ethical plastic surgeons and takes a minimum of 8 years. Beware: many “cosmetic” surgeons were trained in specialities other than plastic surgey and do not have Board Certification. Make sure any plastic surgeon you choose is Board Certified.