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Chin Implant

Some people have a chin that is not balanced with the rest of the face. The chin may be not prominent/forward enough, or not long enough.

An unbalanced or weak chin may make the nose appear too large, or give the illusion of a double chin.

  • Improved side profile balance
  • Conceals a double chin
  • Stronger, more defined jawline, especially when combined with buccal fat removal
  • More balanced nose
  • Improved jowels

Local anesthesia, twilight or general: patient preference

Very easy. The inside of the mouth will feel numb after surgery, similar to after a dental procedure. The chin will be swollen for several days. You may return to work the next day.


When the incisions is inside the mouth, no one will ever see that you had a procedure done.

When the incision is done under the chin, it’s very difficult to see due to shadows and the angle of the neck.

If your chin seems too small, bringing it forward using a chin implant may bring balance to your face. Dr. Yao works with you on choosing the right about of chin augmentation to decrease the appearance of a double chin, while creating a stronger jaw line. The best way to understand the possibilities is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yao so that she can assess your anatomy.